Bolivar and San Martin: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A selfless prayer

Her wonder imprints itself upon his mind
and leaves him searching for a selfless prayer.
He digs in the soul for strength
to plead on her behalf,
yet for all his want
the silence fades slowly,
he cannot find words to capture
the happiness she deserves to feel.

He searches throughout a slow parade of hours
finally culminating in a small, simple phrase:
"Give me the pain of two,"
he whispers up to the starless night.
"If it means she'll live in peace."

Miles away she wonders,
framed between the earth
and a calm sea of starlit sky.
the echoes of an unknown voice
at first confuse her mind,
then a calm like understanding
sets her wandering heart at ease.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Deep within, our hearts have noted that
Everything, perhaps, is not as it
Should be. The world around us seems
Irrational, obedient to the
Rapacious minds which demand that
Everything revolve around dollars.
Each day, we rise and meet the
Morose expectations of constraint,
Yearning to share our beliefs and
Find the other minds who
Respond to the world in kind.
In the end, friendship means
Everything, and in the moment
No one calls to me in the
Darkness clearer than you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am yet will not be

It is strange to breathe and know
my body shall fail,
to ponder the inevitable state of non-being
that will come.
One day, late or soon, the blood stops moving,
the hand that pens these lines
will lie unanimated, lifeless,
and the mind that crafts these words
will ponder no more.
I contemplate the arcane end of consciousness
with curiosity for the mystery is deep.
Will there be blackness?
Will there be light?
Will I descend into a pure forgetfulness of oblivion
detached from everyhing that I have come to know?
Truthfully, at times I fear the potential
nothingness of death,
the dread of darkness falling forever on my eyes.
But wonder again grasps me simply to know
that I am,
and I treasure even my sorrow in memory
of all the spirits that never existed at all.