Bolivar and San Martin: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Flame of Love

This evolution of emotion
defies my understanding.

What force could pull
my mind from its pursuits
and bind my thoughts to you
in every moment that
wanders past throughout the day?

The truth of my being
is that I have always been
a selfish man,
seeking momentary pleasures
and closing my ears to
all that did not concern me.

For so long I failed to see
that my better qualities
were consumed by the
cloud of my pride,
and I lived in a vacuum,
unresponsive to the world
that called on me to change.

But when you came into my life
you shattered the walls of silence
that surrounded me,
and singing sweetly into my soul
your words pressed beyond my pride,
into the forgotten chambers of my heart.
There they lit a ceaseless fire,
and with that flame
I will illuminate the darkness
that awaits us at death.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wasted Hours

Amid the silent
hours of your absence
I am reminded of
what was before.

The sovereignty of solitude
returns for a moment, and the foundation
of my destiny trembles
like a forest pressed by an autumn wind.

I survived for years
without your smile,
but now you smile for me,
and a day without you
crawls past like a life age.

There is no warmth
from your grace-holding eyes,
no promise of heaven
that passes through your lips.

In all of this
there is only the waiting:
a slow parade of hours
and an inexorable faith
in the restoration
that you will soon provide.

A Definition of Love

It is the deep reflection
that your beauty incites in me,
Churning words of praise within
my mind and pushing my pen
across the page.

It is the fluent understanding
of the language of your eyes,
and speaking with you at length
without saying anything at all.

It is the realization
that you are with me
even when you are not
by my side.

To know that your thoughts,
unbound by distance or time,
fly faithfully to me
when we must be apart.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Joy of Remembrance

In the confusion of ecstasy
I almost forgot how this began:
a smile, an introduction,
a series of brief "hello's"

As I came to know you
the mantle of silence
receded from my life,
and I marveled at glimpses
of your beauty as though
they were sunrises
breaking upon the world.

Each step we took together
helped lead to this moment.
This peace we have created
defies the somber themes of our time.

I only sit back, and smile,
and remember all my years of longing.
For I have relinquished all doubts,
and my river of wanting has run dry.

These Three Remain

Before I knew you, I did not know faith,
I trusted in my steadfast pride alone.
I wandered, cold and lifeless as a wraith
Until you came and made God's greatness known.
Before I knew you, I did not know hope,
I ran fast in pursuit of vain desire.
It seemed that peace lay far beyond my scope,
Until you brought the peace that I require.
Before I knew you, I did not know love,
My life was long a hollow, aimless dream.
I spurned the blessings sent from up above
Until you came and taught the word "redeem"
Faith, hope, and love remain and by these three
You breathed the gift of new life into me.