Bolivar and San Martin: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Poems of Mallarme

I would share with you
the poems of Mallarme,
His words so like my own.

And your eyes and ears
would drown in sensorial wonder.
Images of surf-green emotions
would swirl around you,
hazy and confused.

You would trace the
sliding sadness of his words,
until syllable by syllable
the blueness undulates across the page,
and off the page,
and stains the whiteness
of your changing eyes.

In your heart you would feel
a surging, a rush of inspiration,
The host of words you dreamed
would rise within.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

alabanza inutil

mi contemplacion era las preguntas, su belleza era las respuestas
-Saint Augustine

La amo, eso es todo,
aunque algo me mueve a decir que la amo
en la manera que la luz anaranjada de la salida del sol
ama a las olas del mar.

es como no quiero decir nada,
inefable hasta el fin sera mi postura.

La amo, eso es todo,
pero he querido decir
que su presencia es la voz de Dios
susurrando directamente a mi alma,
diciendo -aqui estoy, mi hijo, y esta es
la felicidad que he preparado para ti-

Inefable he dicho,
tanto su hermosura como mi amor
que florece madura y paciente
en la tierra fecunda de la corazon.

La canto, eso es todo,
que importa que no la puedo
alabar con justicia,
que mis palabras son sombras echadas
por la luna cuando las comparo
con su imagen de luz y gracia?

La amo, ella es todo,
el sol que crece rayo por rayo en el horizonte,
la luna que me guarda contra la oscuridad de noche...

es que no queria decir nada
por tanto que la adoro,
alabanzas inutiles son todos los versos que yo le escribo

Friday, January 05, 2007

Sonnet: on forging perfect love

How sweet! that wisdom steadily should grow
Within the machinations of my brain.
What joy to learn, and plot the things I know,
And feel all failures were not loss but gain.
My aim is high, my tests must then be great,
A soul untroubled cannot be complete.
My mind's wheel turns, I will not trust to fate,
It is my victory or my defeat.
Farewell days of my youth, I hold you dear,
For in your playful care I forged my base.
Now I must venture forth devoid of fear,
A love of stillness I must now embrace.
I attune my eyes with the sky above,
And dream of constant, un-reflecting love.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

he recalls undocumented thoughts

undoubtedly you have been here before,
unraveling some mystery
and driving, hammer-handed,
the nails that sealed the coffin of our youth.
so strange, the pace is quickening
while the things you know
and the things you wish you had learned
float indiscernable
at an alarmingly comfortable distance.

dream on, you hear plainly,
keep dreaming- you listen.

undaunted by hope's betrayal
your mind turns peacefully to god-
submission would be both
refreshing and ironic,
and as the voices keep calling
the inspiration to obey begins to shine.