Bolivar and San Martin: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wasted Hours

Amid the silent
hours of your absence
I am reminded of
what was before.

The sovereignty of solitude
returns for a moment, and the foundation
of my destiny trembles
like a forest pressed by an autumn wind.

I survived for years
without your smile,
but now you smile for me,
and a day without you
crawls past like a life age.

There is no warmth
from your grace-holding eyes,
no promise of heaven
that passes through your lips.

In all of this
there is only the waiting:
a slow parade of hours
and an inexorable faith
in the restoration
that you will soon provide.

A Definition of Love

It is the deep reflection
that your beauty incites in me,
Churning words of praise within
my mind and pushing my pen
across the page.

It is the fluent understanding
of the language of your eyes,
and speaking with you at length
without saying anything at all.

It is the realization
that you are with me
even when you are not
by my side.

To know that your thoughts,
unbound by distance or time,
fly faithfully to me
when we must be apart.